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Middleport, NY -- There is no greater teacher than nature and no better student than 1UP Game Calls Chuck Tiranno. He has passed his knowledge and passion on to his two sons Chuck and Tony. These custom made calls whether turkey or deer their tuned to replicate the realistic natural sounds that these animals and birds make. Who better to do this than Chuck Tiranno who has successfully hunted extensively in the eastern half of the United States turkey, deer, ducks, geese and coyotes and has done so while in the presence of some of the greatest legends of hunting.

Teaming with his two sons Chuck and Tony they have developed a line of game calls and hunting accessories that through Chuck’s trained ear and experience are the difference in a 1UP Game Call or “just another call”. When you pickup a 1UP Custom Made Game Call, you’re not only picking up a high quality custom made call, but also a piece of nature.

Chuck is an excellent teacher and can explain things to simplify your ability to become a successful hunter. Tilt the odds in your favor whether it’s turkey or deer hunting. Call them up and put’em on the wall with 1UP Game Calls.


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