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Elite member Eric Otterness of 1UP Game Calls downs this Missouri 8 pointer using 1UP Game Calls Buck Grunter.

Congrats Eric!

At 4:15 Saturday yesterday Novenber 11, 2017 Jack Nanney son of Elite 1UP Game Calls Team member Johnny Nanney, downs this good 10 point Buck around Martin, Tennessee.Jack and his Dad were hunting together when a hot doe came running out into a bean field.
Right behind her was this guy and another good buck. Jack staying cool and calm, laid the smack down on him at 250 yards with his 7mm.

Great shot and a GREAT buck and one proud Dad! Congratulations Jack.

My son Chuck down a good 10 pointer this morning.

Don't have all the details yet other than he is excited!

Pro Staffer Jim Burtram from Ghent,NY downs two NY gobblers.

First one is 22 1/2lbs 10 1/2" beard and 1 1/4" spurs. Second NY gobbler 10" beard 1 1/8" spurs and weights in at 20lbs. Jim was using 1UP Game Calls Chuck's Killer V4 mouth calls.


Congrats Jim!

Thanks to some soft sweet purrs from the 1UP Game Calls Turkey Beard RIP diaphram call, I was able to close the distance on this small, but mature Utah mountain Rio this morning.

Tagged out in 2 states this year.

You make great calls Chuck Tiranno.

John and Earl and I went up a ridge and had 2 Jakes in range for Earl but he couldn’t see beards and wanted to be careful not to shoot a hen. They circled around us and then started up the logging road back towards us. Before they circled, John had spent probably an hour and a half trying to call them into us. He probably walked 10 miles back and forth trying to get them in. As they came up, they were on our left side so Earl set up on that side of the road. I went off to the right and found a nice big double-tree.

John stayed behind us and had switched over from his call to my 1UP Game Calls Wicked Sister slate. He was really sounding sexy now. As they came up the ridge, they steadily worked their way to our right until the crossed the road and were even to the right of me.

By this time those birds had probably gobbled 1000 times. When they came into sight I could see that there were 3 of them and all long-beards. I got lined up but waited hoping they would drift back to the left and Earl could get a shot. As it worked out, the lead bird started to drift left, but he waited too long and was walking right down my gun barrel. When he got to 20 yards, he noticed something fishy and pulled his head straight up. I knew I was busted so I pinched..

Great hunt. Worked for this bad boy real hard. 22lbs

10.75" beard and 1 " spurs.

Congrads Striker!

Elite Pro Staff Erich Higgins downs Gobbler #5.

Erich said "Number five for the year chuck. This guy made me work for him few yelps and cuts with the 1UP Game Calls Chuck Killer V4 and his attention was to me and off the hens I had to close the distance on him to change his mind by 200 yards but he finally strutted in one spot and the hens left him before he knew it. It was time for my gun Gretchen to sing. What a time I have had this season! Nothing better then 1UP Calls....let the wattles hit the dirt and as Calls That Put'em On The Wall !!!

Nick Austin down this gobbler at 6:45 on May 2, 2017 on my old hunting ground in Shelby, NY.
Nick said "I was couldn't get the spot I wanted to setup at. Hen flew down and I hurried to setup my decoy. Sat down and here they come, all in a line and started to go away from me. But I started yelping on my mouth call (Chuck's Killer V4) and here they come right towards me with this gobbler in strut. Called them in to 20 yards and this bad boy is riding home with me".

Congrats Nick!

Elite Pro Staff Member Dr Nick Cromwell opening morning in Friendship, NY downs this nice gobbler.

9 3/4" beard with 1" spurs, weighting in at 21 i/4 lbs.

Congrats Nick!

1UP Game Calls Elite Pro Staffer Eric Otterness better know as "Turkey Beard" down a Missouri Gobbler field testing 1UP Game Calls newest call "The Twin Sister". It a doubled sided Slate over Slate call and gives a very rich true turkey hen sound. Congrats Turkey Beard!

Dave Demorest downed his FIRST ever Gobbler with a little help from 1UP Game Calls Elite Pro Staff Eric Otterness better know as "Turkey Beard".

Eric said "The 1UP Game Calls NEW Twin Sister (Slate over Slate double sided Call) did the job for Dave. His FIRST GOBBLER and another turkey hunter is born.

Congrat to Dave and Turkey Beard!


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