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Johnny Massaro downed this Jake on a rain filled opening day in NY. John is our cousin and this is his FIRST turkey ever. Johnny use 1 UP Game Calls Mahogany Box Call with a Chuck's Killer "V" 4 mouth call. Way to go Cous! Congrats..

Hudson-Catskill Newspapers outdoor columnist Dick Nelson kneels behind the 20 pound gobbler he shot on opening day of the New York spring turkey hunting season. Crediting 1UP's new Premium Yellow Reed 3 Gumodies Mouth Call for turning the bird around as it moved further away, the gobbler had a 9 1/2 inch beard and 1-inch spurs

This is Ryan Richards who shot this 23 lbs. 10 in beard 1" spurs gobbler. Ryan's buddy Jared Feldman did the calling on his 1UP Game Call "Wicked Lady" Glass over Glass.

Congrats to Ryan and Jared.


This is Brandon Hess's first turkey. He shot this gobbler on NY Youth Turkey days. Brandon gobbler has a 10 inch beard and 3/4" Spurs. He called this gobbler in using the 1UP Game Calls "Wicked Twin" slate call. Congrats Brandon!


Zack Aiken first gobbler on Youth Turkey Days in New York. His gobbler has a 9 1/2 inch beard, 3/4" Spurs and his Dad called this in using a mix of 1UP Game Calls Nicks Inverted "V" 3 and The 3 Gumodies premium Yellow Reed mouth calls. Congrats Zack!


Elite Team Member Eric Otternes(On the right) with his S-I-L Jared Feldman doubled up on these two Jakes.Calls used during the course of the day were all 1UP calls; Spring Cutter and Premium Three Gumodies mouth calls, the purple-heart over mahogany box call, the Wicked series glass call, and the Red Dawg. Wicked & Red Dawg were the calls that “put ‘em on the wall,” as we worked on the fighting purrs. What a great day! As a side note, one of my golfing buddies called in and killed a turkey this morning using a Hot Hen 2 call from 1Up!

 This is Kyle Weber first gobbler he shot on Youth Day here in New York. Kyle's Dad Bill said "Kyle shot his first Tom this morning 9inch beard 23 pounds.Thanks for the great advice". Congrats Kyle!




Parker (who we call JR) Comwell hunting with his Dad Dr Nick Cromwell who is a 1UP Game Call Ultimate Team member, called in this gobbler using 1UP's "Yellow Dawg" on Sunday April 22, 2012 on NY youth day.
Congratulations JR...10"beard, just over 3/4" Spurs and weighed 19lbs.

Elite Team Member Eric Otterness (AKA Turkey Beard) downed this gobbler on April 18,2012 using Turkey Beard's RIP mouth call, Premium 3 Gumodies mouth call and Mahagany Box call. Bird weighted 18lbs. Beard is 10"long and Spurs are 1 1/16” and 1 2/16”. Congratulations Eric!



This is Stryker from Buffalo, Misouri who downed this bad boy using 1UP Game Calls "Red Dawg" Ceramic call and Mahogany Box Call with Purpleheart lid. Stats are 19 lbs, 1 2/16 and 1 3/16 spurs, 9.5” beard. Put him down at 35 yards. Congrats Stryker!



Chuck Tiranno teaching young turkey hunters


Good Friend and hunter partner Jim Monteleone on right and Chuck Tiranno

Lavern Vincent from Labelle, Florida puts down this Osceola that has 11" beard, 1 1/16" sharp hooked Spurs and weighed in at 17.4lbs opening week 2012 season. Lavern use her "Wicked Lady" to call in this gobbler in. This gobbler was 4 years old. Congrats Lavern on one great gobbler!

Lance Vincent from Labelle, Florida put this 8 3/4" bearded gobbler with one spur 1 1/16" and the other 1" and weighing in at 18.2lbs Osceola the first day of the 2012 Florida season. Lance was using his "Wicked Lady" Glass over Glass call and the FIRST to kill a Osceola using a 1UP Game Call. Congrats Lance!

Eric Otterness 1UP Game Calls Elite Pro Staff member harvested this nice doe. He called her in using a adjustable Grunt Call by 1UP Game Calls.

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