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1UP Game Calls Pro Staffer Johnny Nanney down another good gobbler and a Cottonmouth. Johnny said "Good thing I had my snake boots on. Cottonmouth hit me and stuck to my snake boots for a few second. I stepped on his head  and cut his head off with my pocket knife. Shortly after this I shot a nice 19lb gobbler with a 10 1/2" beard and 1 1/4" spurs. Congrats Johnny!  
1UP Game Calls Elite Pro Staff member Eric "Turkey Beard" Otterness with his daughter who we call PC (Penguin Chick) her twin boys and the boys Dad Stryker. Turkey Beard said "I decided to hunt below our house.I heard gobbling. Heard a couple of hens with the gobbler but this gobbler seemed to like my 1UP Game Calls Red Dawg and my Turkey Beard R.I.P. mouth call. I really liked the rasp this mouth call puts out. Finally started coming as he gobbled I could tell he was getting closer. I saw him (80 yards or so) and he was with a hen for just a little while and then he saw my dekes and started my way. Gobbler was 20 yards away and I put him down. Stats 10” beard, 21 lbs., has double spurs each spur was 1 1/8” long.SECOND set of spurs that were maybe a quarter of an inch long. I was able to hang him from a limb, too. 
Jared Feldman who we all call Stryker on April 16,2013 put this gobbler down. Stryker was using the "Pure Wicked" Aluminum call. Stryker said "Clucked and purred for 30 min. on 1UP "Pure Wicked". Yelped 5 times, 3 birds came in, 2 birds at 25 yards. This gobbler weighted in at 22 lbs, 1 1/4" and 1 5/16" spurs, 10.5" beard.  
1UP Game Calls Pro Staffer Johnny Nanney from Martin,TN shot this gobbler with a 11 beard, 1" spurs and weighing in at 20lbs this morning. Johnny was using Chuck's Killer "V4" mouth call. Johnny said this bird came running in from 300 yards and the last 100 yards it flew in... and stood no more than at 10 yards from him. Talk about pinpointing your location.
After he shot this gobbler within seconds he caught movement. Here come a big ol' Coyote and it attacks his decoys...needless to say...this Coyote won't be attacking anything any time soon ever again. Congrats Johnny! 
Erich Higgins put another one down opening day in Missouri. He said "Another one bites the dust. Took this bird at 11am this morning opening day here in Missouri. I had to work my way around and call then hens to me to be able to get the Gobblers to come in. The ole Wicked Sister and the Chucks Killer V4 done it again. 4-15-13 19-1/2lbs 3/4in spurs 10-1/2in beard
I drove to Kansas this morning at 2:15am. I got to the area I was hunting not knowing if there were even any birds in the field. The sun was just starting to rise and I hit my 1UP Game Calls Wicked Sister and the birds fired up across the field. I booked it as fast as I could down to the corner. I had to cross the open field and run down the edge. I set up and here the turkeys came to the field. There were 32 turkeys 5 of which were toms. I sat calling with my Chuck's Killer V4 mouth call after about 20 min a sixth tom came into the field. He ran straight for me then went into strut at about 40 yards u yelped him out of strut and shot him. All the birds slowly exited the field. I backed out left my bird in the field and tried to get on the toms again as I was doing that not 50 yards into going after them I heard gobbles back to where I was sitting. I looked back and 4 Jakes came out and started flogging my tom I had shot. I waited for a bit calling to them with my Chuck's Killer V4 and I looked over and there were 7 more Jakes and what I believed to be another tom strutting not 10 yards from me so I took the second shot turns out he was a good sized jake.
Stats: 23 lbs inch spurs and 10" beard 19lbs 1/8 spurs and 5-1/4
Erich Higgins Missouri 
Hunting right here on my family’s place, it only took me 20 minutes to get to my spot, which included turning my blind to better face the food plot. Once settled, I coaxed three soft clucks from my 1Up Cedar box call. Immediately a hen answered with a cluck and then a few yelps. I put the call down as she was pretty close and didn’t take long for her to arrive in the food plot. Within just a few short minutes a young tom followed her. Hunting from a small (too darn small) pop up blind, I had difficulty getting my gun out of the opening. However, I did and the unsuspecting Jake met his match with a load of 6’s. He made the short ride back to my house where he will provide a great meal or two for my family.
According to my spring scales this jake weighed 17.5 pounds and sported a 4 3/8 inch beard and 3/8 inch spurs.
                                         Mike Davis Louisiana 
This is Bode Abraham from Missouri. He was taken out on youth day last Saturday by 1UP Game Calls Elite Pro Staffer Eric "Turkey Beard" Otterness. Eric said " I made a few hen sounds on my Wicked Lady & Red Dawg and this gobbler was there that quick I didn't have time to put a mouth call in my mouth. I told Bode "he's right there" not more than 20ft way from us". Bode got his gun up and dropped him. The high 5ing started. Congrats Body on a real good gobbler. Gobbler stats are as follows: Beard length: 9.25” and Spur length: both are 1” even, 19.5 lbs 
 This is Kristian Lummis who while hunting with Erich Higgins as his guide on April 6,2013 in Missouri shot this double bearded gobbler. One beard is 10 1/2" long and the other one is 5" L with 1" spurs. Gobbler weighed 23lbs. The call Kristian was using was 1UP Game Calls "Wicked Sister" and a hickory striker. Congrats Kristian on a really good gobbler.

 1UP Game Calls Pro Staffer Johnny Nanney shot this MOSTER 4 year old Gobbler on 4/07/2013 in Tennessee. Johnny said "After fly down, the gobblers went quiet. I stayed close and could hear the hens and some drumming. I got aggressive with the Chuck's Killer V4 and called 11 hens to me and they actual went by me leaving the gobbler. After a couple hours of very little action, I was able to lay eyes on the gobbler strutting with nine hens and making his way to higher ground. The race was then on. I had to beat them to the top of the hill. After a 3/4 mile hike, I set up above them in about a 15 acre woods. I used my 1UP Game Calls Wicked Twin slate to soft talk the hens into range with the gobbler in tow. My Winchester extended range #5 did the job on him.

He has and 11 1/4 inch beard, 1 1/8 sharp spur, and weighed 24 lbs. Thanks again!

After three hard days of hunting in rain, cold and wind in Menard Cty Texas, I had one more brief hunt to make before packing up for the 10 hour drive back to Louisiana. Along about "fly down" time, I decided to start the wake up action by imitating a hen just waking up and wanting some company. I reached in my vest and pulled out my 1UP Red Dawg call that I bought from my buddy, Chuck Tiranno,. I stroked the call lightly, perfectly imitating a waking up hen. Following a soft yelp, I purred and clucked softly. I repeated this; then laid the call aside. Five minutes later, I see a gobbler at 100 yards out to my right-front and he's walking straight toward where he heard that little hen waking up. He never strutted nor gobbled. He stopped at 35 yards and this little waking up hen put the big boy to sleep. Stats.....the gobbler weighed 24 pounds, sported sharp 1 1/4 inch hooks with a nice 10 1/2 inch beard.

Glynn Harris, Ruston Louisiana

1UP Game Calls Pro Staff Adam Nelson and Pro Staffer Johnny Nanney teamed up this morning hunting in Tennessee. Adam was using 1UP Game Calls the "Yellow Dawg" and Johnny was using Chuck's Killer "V"4 mouth call. Adam said "Johnny did most of the work because this Gobbler came in from about 300 yards out HARD and FAST". Gobbler had a 10" beard and 1inch sharp spurs. Congrats Adam and Johnny! 
 Elite Team Member Kris Cross from Oklahoma gets a nice doe. She said "What an awesome feeling...Watched 4 deer come through one of the few patches of live trees left on the property from left to right in front of me. I saw that the first one was a doe and the middle two were this year's fawns. I was hoping that the one "bringing up the rear" was a buck, but it was the bigger of the two does. Watched and waited for her to walk into my scope - closed my left eye - took aim and took the shot.

Adam Nelson 1UP Game Call Pro Staff member from Milan TN, on the morning before Thanksgiving I called in this 10 pointer using my 1UP Game Call Adjustable Grunt Tube to get this 10 pointer headed in my direction. One of the best deer hunts I've ever had, and my personal best buck.

Ian Scroger got this bad boy on May 28, 2012. Gobbler has a 9" beard with 1/2" spurs and weighed in at just over 18lbs. Ian said "had this Bad Boy going from right off the roost and he was gobbling like crazy using 1UP Game Calls Premium Yellow Reed 3 Gumodies mouth call. But he had a bunch of hens with him and just wouldn't come.I setup on this guy 3 times and two hours later pulled him away from his hens and he was riding home with me in the back of my truck
On May 26th Cliff and I called in this gobbler with three Jakes. They were double and triple gobbling and they all came in from over 1000 yards. It was incredible and a hunt both Cliff and I won't forget. I was using 1UP's Premium Yellow Reed 3 Gumodies and Cliff was using 1UP's Chuck's Killer "V" 4
Opening day at 11:30 found this gobbler alone. I made three yelps on Chuck's Killer "V" 4 and this gobbler came running into 15 yards


Just because the birds aren't gobbling doesn't mean they are not listening. I called in a bird May 3rd 2012 with a combination of 1 up calls. The primary tools was the Yellow Dawg and the Green Spur striker. Had a real hen fooled and then a gobbler showed up and came in silent. The Mossberg wasn't silent and I filled my first tag of the season.


Jim Monteleone


Ed Tucker from Old Hoogland, Missouri shot this Jake 26 yards, with about 6.5” beard and ALMOST a full fan, spurs were over ¼” long. 1UP Game Calls used were 3 Gumodies Premium, Turkey Beard RIP, Green Spur Striker on 1Up's Red Dawg and the Purple Heart & Mahogany box call. Congrats Ed!

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