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1UP Game Calls Pro Staffer Johnny Nanny went to Saskatchewan, Canada to hunt deer. He downed this MASSIVE 20 POINT BUCK.
Here is what Johnny said "Here is the pic I promised you Chuck. 159 6/8 SASKATCHEWAN 20 PT BUCK. Your soap must work, in 4 days of hunting I never got busted one time. This buck came in from downwind and tried to cross an old logging road. He didn't make it across! Thanks for the great products as always!"


Congrats Johnny on your MONSTER Buck!


Elite Pro Staff Member Dr Nick Cromwell hunting at Hadley Creek Outfitters in Barry, IL. using his bow and arrow in a tree stand along with his 1UP Adjustable Grunt Tube set at small buck sound called in this 158" class Buck. Nick said "I was grunting softly and steady for a while. When all of a sudden this guy came out at about 120 yards away with a doe. His ears were pinned back looking for the intruder in his bedroom. He was ready to fight and he came straight in with that attitude strut with fire in his eyes. Got him to within 15 yards and let it fly...he ran about 75 yards and down he went. I mean to tell yea I was pumped".
Outstanding Nick and Congrats!
Tom Hosick from Missouri called in this nice doe using his 1UP Game Call Adjustable deer grunt tube. Tom said "I spotted this doe out to my right. She was circling me and I gave her 3 doe bleats. Here she comes and down she went. This is the best deer call I've ever heard. Really true natural deer sounds.

Erich Higgins 1UP Game Calls Pro Staffer downs this 8 point buck yesterday. Erich said "Got this 8pt last night using 1Up Scent Killer and Osage Orange adjustable grunt tube. Called and rattled him three times before he finally came in and shot him at 15 yards. 

 1UP Game Calls Pro Staffer Erich Higgins downs his 4th deer this bow season using his 1UP Game Call new Adjustable Grunt Tube. Congrats Erich!
Jared Feldman got a late start on his hunt Friday evening, 10-11-13. This was the first time he'd hunted what we call The Platinum area.Right at dark Jared heard some deer snorting to the west of him. He did a couple of fawn bleats from his 1Up Grunt Tube and next thing he know there was a pair of deer walking from the west towards the east (going to a field) on the upper trail. He drew, let his arrow fly.
 1UP Game Calls Elite Pro Staff Member Eric "Turkey Beard" Otterness shot two deer on the same hunt for the first time. He said "I have gone seasons, and I mean EIGHT seasons between bow kills. I've never killed 2 in 1 season until tonight. I went out to my stand and spooked 2 does, 2 fawns and 8 turkeys on the way in. Got into my stand and decided to just wait and see what happen. Thought maybe even though I spooked some deer and turkey walking in. After 20 minutes I heard the turkeys start trying to get back together so I tried working them (it's 6:00 p.m. now). All of a sudden a spike buck stepped out into the field followed by 2 smaller deer. I threw a few young buck grunts from my new 1Up Grunt Tube and then some fawn bleats from last year's 1Up Grunt Tube and the buck turned and walked right to me along a creek's treeline.
 1UP Game Calls Pro Staff member Erich Higgins harvested his Thanksgiving turkey this morning. This fall gobbler has a 10 1/2" beard with 1" spurs. Erich said "Went out and I walked around the corner of the woods and there they stood.So I shot one the good lord placed there so I could get one I guess". Congrats on a good gobbler!
Here is Jared Feldman with his twin boys Wes & Cord. Jared who we call "Stryker" downed this nice doe opening day 20 yards that he called in with his 1UP Game Calls Adjustable Deer Grunt call. Congrats Styker!
1UP Game Calls Elite Pro Staffer Eric Otterness who we call Turkey Beard said "Just at daylight I saw a doe to the NE of me headed SE. I bleated with my 1Up adjustable grunt tube (young doe)she turned and walked straight to me on a string. She was walking directly to me and I didn’t have a shot. She came to a stop when she put her nose down to sniff the spot where I laid my bow down to tie my tow rope to it… RIGHT UNDER MY FEET! Eventually she got a bit jittery (and my arms were beginning to shake from holding my draw… and my leg was jumping from adrenaline!). When she finally got far enough from the stand that I could put a pin on her without my quivered arrows hitting the stand, I put my 20 pin on her and let it go. The arrow hit her on the left side so hard that she lost her footing and crashed to the ground on her right side. She ran about 40 yards laid down and never got up". Congrats Turkey Beard!

Hunting in Idaho-
I decided to drop down into a draw and sneak up over a rocky ridge and ambush them. Somehow, this worked out perfectly. After a half mile stalk, I couldn’t locate them so I made a few clucks on my brand new 1UP Cedar box call with Black Walnut lid and got a response. 100 more yards stalking and a 49 yard crawl put me within 40 yards or so of the long-beard. I gently lifted my hen decoy until her head was just peeking out above the grass and he immediately puffed out into a full strut. I pulled the hen down and waited. He didn’t come closer and I could see the top of his head. I peeked up the hen’s head again and he re-strutted. This time, he started coming after me. At 17 yards, I gave him a cluck on my 1UP Hot Hen 2 mouth call and he stretched his neck for the last time. I let loose with the Federal 3-1/2” load of #5’s and he dropped like a turd from a tall steer. When I walked up to check him out, he was almost completely decapitated. His head was held on by some skin and a couple of tendons no thicker than a toothpick. Meat and bone were GONE. I went back to pick up my decoy and right where I was laying when I shot was a horseshoe from and old draft horse. I had passed a decaying plow a short distance back in the crawl. It was my first Merriam and the 3rd species towards my Grand Slam. Next up…..Osceola, baby!!


This is Clint Carver from Missouri who hunted in Kansas with 1UP Game Call Pro Staffer Erich Higgins. This was the first time Clint hunted out of State and downed these two Rio's were each 18lb gobblers. Erich said "We hunted all day and at five o'clock pm after a quick prayer not 3 min later three birds came into us. Using 1UP Game Calls Cedar Box Call with Black Walnut lid and this box call got them coming at us from a long distance. Then to seal the deal I used Chuck's Killer "V"4 and that mouth call put waddles in the dirt.One birds had 5 1/4" beards and 1/4" spurs. Second gobbler had 6" beard with 1/2" spurs.

Congrats Clint and Erich!

This is 11 years old Jack Nanney. While hunting with his Dad who is a 1UP Game Calls Pro Staff member Johnny Nanney. Jack shot this 19lb gobbler with a 10" beard and 1" spurs. This gobbler along with 4 other came in behind them. Jack and Johnny had to let them walk off. These gobblers went over a hill and Jack and his Dad Johnny had to crawl up and Johnny called them back for Jack to get a shot. Picture tells the rest of the story. Congratulation Jack!
Eric Higgins said "Well tagged out in two states now this bird is 26.25lbs 10" beard 1-5/16 and 1-1/4 spurs came up on this bird at 80 yards. Hit him with 1UP Game Calls Wicked Sister and the Mahogany Box with purpleheart lid and finished him off using Chuck's Killer "V"4. The season is complete. CONGRATULATIONS Erich on tagging out in two States.
This is Danny Holland. He's never turkey hunted and today was his first time. 1UP Pro Staffer Johnny Nanney took Danny out this morning. Johnny was using his "Wicked Twin" to call this gobbler in. Johnny said "This gobbler was one smart bird. He would only come so far and out of gun range. But the sound of the Wicked Twin brought him in to within 35yds and Danny put'em down". Congrats Danny on a real nice gobbler. This gobbler has a 9.5" beard, 1 1/16 spur, 19 lbs

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