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Second Day of Missouri turkey season.

Elite Pro Staff member Eric Otterness better know as Turkey Beard downs a gobbler 20.5 lbs, 7/8 spurs, 10” beard, 15 yards, 6:15 a.m.

He was using 1UP Game Calls "NEW" Kee Kee Cut mouth call.

Congratulations Turkey Beard!

Pro Staffer Adam Nelson reports:

Four days before this hunt I struck this bird on my way out at 10:00. I set up and tried to work him but he never showed up and never gobbled again. He was in a small block of timber with sloughs on two sides and a field road on another, so I felt good that I could get back on him another day so rather than push him, I backed out. Got there early this morning and slipped in close to where I'd heard him gobble on the last hunt. By 6:10 nothing had gobbled so I owl hooted one time and he gobbled back right on cue about 150 yards away on the edge of the slough. I tip-toed to the nearest tree and eased down as he continued to gobble on his own. At what I judged to be fly-down time, I let out one soft series of yelps. He didn't answer me immediately, but after about thirty seconds of silence he gobbled and double gobbled -- still in the tree. Several minutes of silence passed and I guessed that he should have flown down. I let out another series of slightly more aggressive yelps and was immediately and convincingly answered from about 80 yards away. I readied my gun and waited. I never know how much time really passes when I'm waiting for a turkey, but after what felt two or three minutes I saw him. It was barely light yet in the timber, but he was 40 yards and in 3/4 strut. When he stepped behind a tree I shouldered and aimed and when he stepped back out I ended the hunt and closed out my Tennessee season. It was 6:45. Chalk another one up for the good guys and the KeeKee Cut.... 9.5" Beard, 13/16" Spurs and 18.1 lbs

Outdoor Writer and Outdoor Radio Host Glynn Harris from Louisiana said "I was hunting Menard County Texas on March 29,2014 when a hen responded to my 1UP "Warrior" Purpleheart box call and came dragging two longbeards behind her. I shot the dominate gobbler at 25 steps. He weighed 21 pounds, had 3/4 inch spurs but the real trophy was two beards; one 9 1/2 inches and the other 6 1/2 inches. Another impressive fact is that I shot this fine bird on March 29, my birthday. No better birthday gift could I expect and I give lots of credit to the quality 1UP call that put the "birthday gobbler" practically in my lap!"

Congratulations Glynn and Happy Birthday! 

1UP Game Call Pro Staffer Brian Sniatecki reporting. He said "Birds were very quiet this morning, compared to yesterday, however set up in a river bottom, did some soft calling with the sweet cherry Box call, With no immediate responses, 30 minutes later, the mature gobble sounded out 100 yards across the river, I was using the new Kee kee ghost call and the sweet cherry to produce soft yelps, The turkey move to the other side of the river he spit & drummed and strutted on the edge of the bank 80 yards away, after a long impatient 45 minutes of him carrying on his business, I thought for sure he was going to go the other way since I would not cross the river to him, I decided to switch up mouth calls to the Chuck killer V 4, with this call I used continuous purring and to try to coax the bird across the river, this drove him crazy and he could not resist, after crossing the river he strutted and gobbled into the decoys, and the pictures show the rest of the story, Turkey was 20 pounds 9 ounces, 9 inch beard, 1 1/4" spurs, I was feeling blessed to spend the morning in South Carolina.

Thanks Chuck for the great calls they really do work, in near impossible situations". 

Pro Staffer Erich Higgins from Buffalo, Missouri and his hunting buddy Tom double up in Kansas. Both birds Jakes 6" beards toms had two beards one was half an inch and 6" Calls used Sweet Cherry box call, Wicked Sister (Tom was on the Wicked Sister) and Kee Kee Cut and Erich was on Sweet Cherry box call and Kee Kee Cut mouth call.

Congratulations to both of you!

Erichs buddy Tom said this... "You know why 1UP Game Calls sound great... because they work".

Thanks Tom!

1UP Game Calls Pro Staffers Johnny Nanney and Adam Nelson double up on two tough Tennessee long beards using 1Ups newest mouth call the Kee Kee Cut. It took til 9:30 to get them to break away but in the end they couldn't resist Adam's yelps. Johnny's gobbler was 22.5 lbs 10.5"beard and 1 1/8 spurs. Adams was 19lbs 10.5 beard and 7/8 spurs.

Congratulations guys...

Say hello to 13 year old Cole Nanney from Martin TN. This morning his cousin Johnny took Cole turkey hunting and taught him a good lesson first hand.. Johnny was using the Sweet Cherry Box call. Cole's cousin Johnny is a Pro Staffer for 1UP Game Calls. Cole said "We were set up on a big flock that was gobbling behind us. My cousin Johnny was throwing several calls at them from box call. He just hit them with some yelps from 1UP's new Sweet Cherry box call when we saw this bird fly over a creek and hit the ground running to us from 400 yds away. I never saw a turkey come in from that far away ans I never would have believed it if I didn't see it for myself. I learned a lot this morning that for sure. We let him come all the way into the decoys before I hammered him. The bird weighed 19 lbs has an 11" beard and 1 1/8 spurs

Congratulations Cole on a good gobbler! 

Pro Staff Member Johnny Nanny said "Yesterday morning in TN was cold and rainy. But another bird falls at the hands of 1UP Game Calls newest mouth call the KEE KEE CUT". Johnny also said "bird finally answered new mouth call at 515 pm. He was 300yds out. 10 mins later he was 75 yds away and slowly came in to 25 yds where he ate a load of TSS ‪#‎8s‬. 10" beard 1 "spurs. 

George LoBonte Down a MONSTER...using 1UP Game Calls Kee Kee Cut Mouth Call... 3/29/2014

George LaBonte says: Chuck- 29 days into the South Florida season and I finally got a chance to get after a bird for myself. Most of the hens are sitting on nests by now and a bunch of the two year old birds have made the fatal mistake already. This old Boss bird woke up alone this morning and ahead of a major squall line and rain storm, he was very vocal on the roost. I watched him fly down 300 yards south of me and strut on the ground for a few minutes. Not hearing or seeing any hens with him I decided to pour on the coals with the Kee Kee cut mouth call and he couldn't take it. He jogged and strutted to me and hung up at 75 yards and a little purring was all it took to finish him. At 25 yards I shot and that was that. He sports 11" of beard and 1.5" spurs. Thanks for a fine product! George LaBonte

Congratulations George on one heck of a season.

1UP Game Calls Newest mouth call The Kee Kee Cut and Jack Nanney gets RESULTS
Second day of juvenile hunt in Tennessee by Pro Staff member Johnny Nanney hunting with his son Jack.
Second set up of the day. First bird was coming fast and was intercepted by hens only 75yds out. This bird gobbled 3 times on limb. Was about 400 yds behind us. Answered my new keekee mouth call several times when working 1st bird. About 25 minutes later, see 2 hens and can see this bird strutting. Came by us at 60 yds. Started cutting to fire up hens. Hear another hen in the distance cutting back. Had 8 hens and a jake run in and went to Tom. Stayed on her by cutting and yelping. She broke and came in to decoys with the rest of the flock in tow. Jack made a great shot on the gobbler who was chasing the jake around. The 20lb Tom has a ten inch beard and 1" spurs.
Congratulations Jack on a real nice gobbler!

Professional Guide and Turkey Hunter George LaBonte just send in these two pictures and story. George said "Still whacking away at them here. Another bird for Joe Paskoski this morning. 10" beard 1.25" spurs. This bird came in with another big bird right after fly down around 7:15 today. There were five birds gobbling and three coming. These two made it in first. The remaining gobbler climbed up on the DSD jake and knocked over then pecked it for a minute after the shot which we have on video. While this was happening, my other hunter arrowed a 150 pound hog only 250 yards away. Pretty busy morning".

Congrads to George and Joe Paskoski on a real good Osceola! Checkout the mouth call Joe was using. It's the Kee Kee Cut from 1UP Game Calls.

The hunter is Tom Johnson of Shepard, Texas. He is completing his World Slam with a bow. He killed two Ocellated birds last week in Mexico and this Osceola on Monday and only has a Goulds left.
The birds came in together (3) with some hens near the Kissimee River while we were struggling trying to coax another pair of birds away from a dozen hens about 300 yds. North of us. These birds worked in from our blind side and rushed into the road at 75 yards. They worked right to us like champs and at 25 yds. Tom picked his shot and dropped him in his tracks.
Thanks- George LaBote Professional Guide Congrats to Tom Johnson on a a real good Osceola and completing his World Slam!
Also Congrats to George LaBonte for playing a huge roll in Tom's World Slam by calling for him using our new Kee Kee Cut mouth call and getting Tom setup.
Congrats to both of you!

This is Joe Paskoski with a 10.25" beard / 1.25" spurred Osceola Gobbler killed 3/1/14 with your green spur striker and a glass pot call. I normally wouldn't photograph such a raggedy looking bird without letting it air out and fluffing up the feathers but did so you can see how wet the bird is (I don't have to tell you it was a lot wetter at flydown time).

The striker worked like a champ!
Thanks again- George LaBonte

1UP Game Calls Pro Staff member Kris Cross scores opening day in Oklahoma. She said "Opening Day - it was freezing rain/sleet at dark~6:30am when I headed out. Climbed up my ICED OVER tree stand and sat VERY still on my iced over seat cushion!!! (Can I say iced over again?!?!) Then just before 8am, I watched this doe come within 25 yards. With my heart pounding I let the shot go...she ran no more than 50 feet. Back straps for Thanksgiving!

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