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Jared Feldman (Stryker). 7:05 a.m., 36 yds.

21 lbs, 1" spurs, 10.75+3.25+4.75 triple beard.


Red Dawg & premium triple reed w/Kee Kee Cut Started out with a bird I'd roosted last night but he flew down on the other side of the creek. Went to a known strut zone and this one came in with another. Shooter did his job, videographer should have been shooting a shotgun instead of a camera

Well Chuck 2015 spring turkey season started off with a bang at 6:45 this morning I got the first bird of the year. My year didn't start off too great I lost my grandpa about a month ago and he was the man taught me how to hunt so this turkey was a little special to me and my heart. Gobbler has 1 inch Spurs 11 and a half inch beard 21 pounds 3 ounces I had 6 birds come in. None of them gobbled on the roost. I sat there calling with my cherry lid box call two hens flew down about 630 and went two seperate ways. About 640 I called again and down below me about 200 yards across the creek were 6 gobblers just started hammering away. They flew across the creek and came in at a dead run and I took the first one to puff up into strutt. Put the waddles in the dirt...
Here's 10 year old Maddie Paskoski with her first turkey taken this morning alongside her father Joe and myself. Our youth weekend has been a rain event but the sky parted for us at fly down time this morning long enough to get it done. The Osceola sported 1.25" spurs and what 8" of what remained of a beard rotted old paintbrush. Maddie shot her bird as it was perched on top of our DSD Jake decoy. Season is officially underway!
12 year old Jack Nanney son of Pro Staff Member Johnny Nanney downed this 8 point buck the other day with his bow. Jack said "All of a sudden he stepped out and I let the arrow fly. Boy was I nervous because I thought I missed him at first but he acted kinda funny as he took off. But I heard a crashing sound and he was down". Congrads Jack!

Jared Feldman had seen several nice bucks near an abandoned shed on his parents' farm. He spent the early season waiting for the time to be right and, on October 31, 2014 it was. He did 2 sets of hard rattling and backed it up with dominant buck grunting from his 1UP Game Calls grunt tube. A nice Missouri 8 point came up out of the creek bottom to 25 yards and Stryker struck. This is his second buck of the season using 1UP Game Calls' grunt tube, following another 8 he shot while hunting in Arkansas. He is pictured with his twins, Wes (in Dad's right arm) and Cord (closest to the deer). Congrats Stryker !



Meanwhile, Elite Pro Staff Eric (Turkey Beard) Otterness had been trying the same thing about 40 miles north of Jared. He was getting other reports of deer being on the move and was hoping for some action of his own. Instead, about 9:30 he saw a turkey 50 yards away out in front of him. This one was joined by 9 more and they slowly made their way in to the 25 yard mark. At this point Turkey Beard was able to draw without spooking the flock and an arrow was on the way. Impact was near the right leg, You might say that he called them in with a 1UP Game Calls grunt tube but I think that would be stretching it a bit... Congrats Turkey Beard !

Im Bryanna Im 14yrs old, This was my first deer with the bow and arrow, on October 9th, 2014, in the evenin. I was huntin a ground blind behind my house in monroe nc, and the sun was just setting when this deer stepped out. He was bout 10 yards out of range and i had already grabbed my bow and had it ready. All of a sudden he started walkin towards me and i waited patiently for him to turn broadside. As soon as he did i drew the bow back and let the arrow fly, killin the 5pt. Buck at 25 yards. With a short tracking recovery.
 Chuck & Tony Tiranno downed these two bruins last week in Alaska. The one Brown Bear came at Chuck and he downed hin at 20 yards. Chuck said "As big as these Brown Bears are you won't believe how fast they can move". I think he came at Chuck because he thought he was a Ritx Cracker and everything goes on a Ritz. Congrats to both Chuck & Tony owners of 1UP Game Calls.


Ultimate Team Member Eric Otterness said "At 4:37 p.m. on May 29, 2014, this bear came in from above ridge and to the left. After it ran off it came back in from the right at 4:46 p.m. The bear had chances to smell me from 2 different directions but 1Up Game Calls' earth scent spray and soap did the trick. After around 150 yards of blood-trailing, including crossing a creek full of snow melt run-off, the 6' chocolate phase black bear was recovered".


The day after his 12th birthday, having sat for 3 long hunts, Tracyn Otterness put the hammer down on his first dangerous game animal. With the wind swirling in all different directions through the day, 1Up Game Calls' earth scent and soap again proved their worth from a stand site only 18 yards from the bait. Congrat to Tracyn on his FIRST bear!


Tracy Otterness finished the final day of the hunt with a highly prized blonde bear, taken from the same bait scent that his brother took one 2 days earlier. Again, 1Up Game Calls' earth scent and soap were the cover scents of choice. Having taken a black bear with an unusual marking (a white circle with a line extending down, it looked like a lollipop) the year before, Tracy now only needs a chocolate or cinnamon to have a sweep of the color phases.

Congratulations to all 3 of you on 3 good bears!

The last day in Missouri turkey season. I went to the farm by the listening post between the Poison Ivy Tree and the Big Draw at 5:00am. I heard gobbles to our 1:00 and 2:00 position, across the creek as well. All of the birds suddenly quit gobbling. I just started purring and clucking with my good ol' 1UP Game Call Red Dawg and kept going on and on with it softly. Here they come and gobbler is in tow. Using 1UP Kee Kee Cut mouth call I got him to put his head up and I lowered the boom. 10.5" beard, 1 1/4" spur, 1" spur (chipped off), 19 lbs. 33 yards, 6:10 a.m.

1UP Game Calls Elite Pro Staff member Eric Otterness said "After I was taunted twice this season by birds roosting near a bluff, everything lined out for me today. I got set up in the dark and saw a turkey in a tree about 100 yards away. I threw some tree yelps with my 1UP Red Dawg and as it prepared to fly down, right where I thought it would, I saw a beard. When he hit the ground I let him take 3 steps and I cutt at him with the 3 Gumodies. When his head went up, the hammer went down. 5:56 a.m., 39 yards, 19.5 lbs, 1" spurs, 11" beard".

Congratulations Eric....

1UP Game Calls Pro Staff member Erich Higgins said... "I work this bird for 3 hours.
I was finally able to get him to pull away from 5 hens and I got the job done with a combo of 1UP Sweet Cherry and Chucks Killer V 4. But I finished him off using Chuck's Killer V4. What a great hunt I had! "

24 pounds 10 and a half inch beard and 1 inch Spurs

With a busy spring schedule as the primary caregiver for his young twin boys, as well as being a taxidermist, Jared "Stryker" Feldman doesn't have much time to pursue turkeys. However, he made time on May 1 to slip out to his favorite spot and it wasn't long until 1UP Game Calls Pure Wicked and the Green Spur striker did the job.

With 5 hens behind him and 3 more in front, he noticed that the three had been joined by 2 gobblers, One of them got to ride home with Stryker. 17 lbs, 10.5" beard, 1 1/16" spurs. "Clucking and purring is the way to go," said Jared.

Congratulations Stryker!

1UP Game Calls Pro Staffer Erich Higgins from Buffalo, Missouri said "Went out this morning no gobbles until I walked into their bedroom. The sunrise was just on the horizon. I called lightly with my 1UP Sweet Cherry box call and two birds fried off right by me. So I quickly sat down and called with my 1UP Kee Kee Cut mouth call.

They fired back at me and I swapped to the Chuck's Killer "V" 4 and I made a fly down. The birds hit the ground and we're coming in and I called one last time and I had this Tom gobble about 5 yards right behind me shook my whole body I wanted for him to walk by and olé Gretchen (that what I call my gun) sung her song this morning and put some Waddles in the dirt.... and now I'm putting another on the wall with 1UP Game Calls...

The bird was 26.5lbs, 1-3/8"& 1-1/4" spurs and 11-1/8" beard".

Bob Tripp from Missouri killed this gobbler on April 22,2014. He was using a 1UP Game Calls Nick's Inverted "V" mouth call along with 1UP's Ol' Timer Cedar Box Call. Stats 22lbs 10.5 inch beard, 1.5 inch spurs. Congratulations Bob...

By George LaBonte

This is Paul Chase with one of the toughest birds of the season for us this year so far. They were on the opposite side of a big Cypress dome about 150 yds. from us with a bunch of water between us and them. Man they gobbled good at the 1UP Kee Kee Cut but they didn't want to come down that flooded road. I gave them about 15 minute of silence to think about it and soon heard a bird drumming in the water. Each time I heard him drum you could hear his wing tips ruffling in the water splashing so I knew it was going to happen, he was in the road. I started purring softly and whistling at him with the Kee Kee Cut and he was on the move immediately. I quickly noticed two red heads coming through a gap towards the opening in the field edge and motioned to Paul to get ready and he put his gun up. When they hit the opening and saw the Jake both of their heads turned Snow White and they crowded each other in full strut to the decoys, 15 yards. From Paul's gun. Knowing it was all over but the crying, I poured on the coal and got them to put on the show that Paul was waiting for and he enjoyed it for as long as he could take before dropping the hammer on this double bearded bird. The bird had two beards for a total of 12.5" of score and 1.25" spurs.

It was a tough hunt but worth the wait for sure!

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