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1UP Game Calls Pro Staff member Johnny Nanny took me out for the first time hunting in Western TN. Now I've hunted turkey in more than a few States and I NEVER heard a gobbler gobble so much.
Johnny hunted this gobbler on opener here in TN and Johnny setup in a huge field only to have this gobbler head into a swamp behind him. Second day Johnny headed into the swamp only to have this gobbler go into the open field.


Monday April 7 we were walking in at 5:18am . Johnny said "You hunt the field and I'll hunt the swamp and one of us will get this gobbler". I agreed and at 5:30am I'm in a ground blind. Johnny is 200 yards behind me in a snake infested swamp. 6AM and this gobbler starts gobbling. He's so close to me, but I can't see him in the woods. I had this gobbler so worked up I think he was doing cart wheels behind me. This gobbler gobbled from 6am non stop and I mean NON STOP until 7:20am and that how we named him "SORE THROAT". Double and triple gobbling and I knew he knew a sexy sounding hen was in the open field in front of him. But at 7:15 he went silent at 7:18 Johnny put him down. What a great hunt!


1UP Elite Pro Staffer George LaBonte said "Chuck,
First bird is me with an Osceola 11" beard,
Second bird is Brent Kartye with a Rio in Texas last week, next two birds are Joe Paskoski with Osceolas in Florida, one of which sported those weapons, one spur
1 7/8" the other just over 1.5". By the way, the pot call sounds great.


1UP Game Calls Pro Staffer Brian Sniatewcki downs his second gobbler in SC. He let the cat out of the bag because he's field testing a friction call we will introduce next year. Congratulations Brian...


I Headed to my favorite spot the river in bottom of SC, After a long day of rain the day before on Easter Sunday, the birds were not talking on the roost at all. I waited patiently calling lightly every so often with my 1UP game calls (sweet cherry) box call and the new 1UP game calls (step sister)slate/glass call that I'm field testing and will be introduced next year, Then in the distance across the river a gobbler sounded, he only gobbled a few times and was headed my way fast, when he flew across the river I switched to my (Nicks Inverted V3) mouth call by 1UP Game Calls , With some soft yelps and purrs he closed the distance to 20 yards in full strut, and the pictures tell the rest, he was sporting a 11 " beard and 1"spurs weighing 18lbs.


It was opening day morning in SC, March 20, 2016. Not much talking on roost, Then about 8:30am after making a few hard cuts and yelps with my 1up game calls Sweet Cherry box call, 6 Jakes appeared in the distance, A few soft purrs and clucks with my 1 up game calls Turkey Beard RIP mouth call all 6 stormed into the decoys, With the dominant Jake gobbling, I gave him a dirt nap at 15yrds, The jake ended up being a super jake with triple beards. Thanks again 1up!!!!

Elite Team Member Dr Nick Cromwell downed this high 4 pointer in Friendship, NY. Dr Cromwell said I grunted with the new 1Up Game Call Wedge Wood Buck Grunter and out of no where he came out of the woods looking for the small buck sound I was making.

Dr Cromwell has his youngest son Oliver with him in the blind and it was Oliver who saw this buck first. Oliver kept telling his Dad to "Shoot'em". Just then... Memories were made!


Congratulations Dr.

Spencer Cromwell, eldest son of Elite Member Dr Nick Cromwell, downed this 5 point buck opening day in NY using 1UP Game Calls Newest Wedge Wood Buck Grunter.

Congrat Spencer!

Good Morning Chuck.  What a Missouri season so far.

I generally put my head down come rifle season because of all the people in the woods but this year I only ran into one hunter on public land and I am thankful for that. Yesterday I was sitting at work debating on going hunting for the evening hunt because the last two days we had been flooded with rain. I knew the deer would be moving early so I packed up from work at 3pm and headed home to get changed.


I made it to the woods at 3:30pm and on the way in I see 4 doe out eating in the field. I rounded up my things out of my truck walked in the woods about 300 yards and set up in one of my favorite trees I was sitting at 3:45. As soon as I got up in the tree I decided to rattle and grunted with two of my 1UP Game Calls grunt tubes as young buck on one and and mature buck sound on the other. I heard something back towards my truck and turned around and a guy was pulling in I thought to my self please don't walk in on me. He ended up going across the road. When I turned around I looked forward and caught this buck walking right under me. He snuck in on me and quick. I leaned over my stand and shot him he dropped right in his tracks.


I was back home by 5:30pm. I can't tell you how many deer I have grunted and rattled this year but it had been a lot. This buck makes 11 for the year 8 with a bow and 3 with a gun.

If anyone does not have a 1Up Game Calls Grunt call then need to add one to their gear.


Congratulations to 1UP Game Calls Pro Staffer Brian Sniatecki on downing a nice 8 point buck on the second day of the gun season in NC. Congratulations again Brian!

Brian said " After a long October lull, finally the Bucks are starting to rut here in central North Carolina, with a quiet morning to start off the day with no deer activity, I use my new 1UP Game grunt call Grunt Tube. Just blew a few soft grunts into each direction, about 15 minutes later the buck was in sight about 80 yards out, another soft grunt he quickly turned and headed straight for me with a 40 yard shot from my 270, I sealed the deal, I don't think I would have seen this deer with out my grunt call, it worked like a charm!!!! Thanks again chuck and 1UP Game Calls.
I was hunting private land last night (which I rarley do) as you know I'm a public land hunter for deer. The gentleman that I hunt turkey on called me and said the deer are tearing up his fences and Eating the wheat. So I walked the field edge until I came upon a scrape entered the woods about 75 yards and set up in a tree. At around 6:15 pm I grabbed my new 1up grunt tube and blew it for the first time in the woods and banged my rattle a few times 4 min later this buck came right to my tree looking to see who was in his area. I released the arrow and he went about 40 yards before he piled up. That new grunt tube sounds incredible.
1UP Game Calls Elite Pro Staff Member Eric "Turkey Beard" Otterness first ever Buck with a bow. Also in the picture is his twin grand kids. Congrats Eric. He call this spike buck in using 1UP Game Calls Adjustable Grunt Tube Call set on a small doe.

Elite Pro Staff member Eric "Turkey Beard" Otterness yesterday Sept 28, 2015,made a 42 yard shot on this small hen using the New 1Up Game Calls Push Pin call.

Congrats Turkey Beard!

UP Game Calls Ultimate Pro Staffer Johnny Nanney catches a 56 lb Blue Catfish.

WTG Johnny and Congrats!

Elite Pro Staff Member Dr. Nick Cromwell reports :

Mother's day I went out and was setting up my decoy and heard something in front of me? Looking at a small rise about 50 yards in front of me a good size Black Bear was sitting there watching me. Within a few seconds he took off towards the wood like a fright train making all kinds of sounds and noise. Got setup and two gobblers sounded off. I started talking to them using my 1UP Game Call's Yellow Dawg . Now to my left I hear more gobbling and with in seconds I had 5 Jakes gobbling right in front of me. They hung around a while and then left. I hear more gobbling behind me and again I started talking to them with my Yellow Dawg and sure enough here they come. 6 more Jakes and a gobbler in tow. Gobbler got within 30 yards of decoy and my Browning put him down. 8" beard, 1" spurs and weighed 20.5 lbs. Hunt was over and was driving back home at 9:15am.

At 5:55 on the morning of 03 May, 2015 I took the first bird of the season. NY's northern zone. I immediately called Chuck & said "1UP Game Calls strikes again!" Waited for birds to gobble before finding a spot to set up. Actually, I never knew there were 4 hens roosted in trees not 60 yards from my location. I know they had to see me set my decoy. Bird was gobbling about 100-150 yards from my set-up. The 4 hens flew down & pecked around never moving off to the gobbler. He came looking for them & I watched him put on a show for the ladies. I thought I was going to lose him to the live birds. He decided to come over & see my hen decoy when I touched one off at 30 paces. I was using the Wicked Lady friction call & when he was close the Hot Hen 2 mouth call.

Saturday, May 2, 2015 Stryker Strikes Again !

Jared "Stryker" Feldman and I went out early and had gobbling all around us. About 7:00 we had 3 jakes come in and decided to pass; not try for a double. We decided at 8 to go in for coffee & breakfast. While nearing the truck we saw a single gobbler in the field near the truck. We backed up and swung around to try to get down close to him. As we crept along the treeline, Jared (who was behind me) grabbed my shoulders and pulled me backwards to the ground, while whispering that there was a turkey RIGHT THERE, 70 yards away from the truck. All I had ready was the Three Gumodies and a 1UP box call, so I gave him something to listen to. Feldman leaned out on my left side and shot him at 33 yards. 2/3 of the beard was missing from beard rot and the spurs measured at 1.5”. 21 lbs, 10” beard, a true trophy for him AGAIN, following the triple-bearded gobbler on Opening Day. 

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