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Just after 07:00 I looked over my shoulder to see a deer in the patch of trees just outside of my food plot had to step down 2 rungs on the ladder stand because the deer was behind me and was able to get a right-handed shot on the left side of the tree. By this time the buck,had moved behind that clump of trees and I could see that there was something off about his rack. He slipped behind another set of trees as he ambled to the south and I decided that I was going to take him. Grunted on 1UP Grunt tube. He made an appearance on the south side of that clump and I dropped the hammer on him, just as he was about to enter the woods. He threw up his tail and headed south. I gave it just a couple of minutes and then went to look for sign of the hit. As I got to the edge of the woods I saw him. He only went 20 yards.

 Johnny said "Hunted in pretty thick woods on a logging road. Had a 10 pointer slip across the road. Grabbed my 1UP Grunt Call and gave him a few tending grunts.He came right to me and made a scrape 30 yards from me.

About an hour later another buck crossed the lane to my right, grabbed my 1UP Grunt Call again. After a couple of grunts I heard branches breaking behind me and to my left. He came charging in and shot him at 20 yards. 14pts, 160" field dressed out at 225lbs.

Congrats Johnny on a great Monster Buck!

9 pt 17" spread 5-1/5 in bases.

Don't have a exact weight but he was a heavy guy biggest bodied buck I've seen. I made it 80 yards from my truck down the wood line in the field and I made it 80 yards from my truck down the wood line in the field and grunted on 1UP Grunt Tube. When I did this guy stood up and stared at me I was in shock at first and then I laid him down. Was lucky to get this guy, he had been eluding me for two years. 1UP Grunt Tube did the trick.

Congrats Erich on a good Missouri Buck!

Hey Chuck....again this year they were the demise of a few turkey here in NY......Here is a picture of myself and yankee junior...it was a day I would have stayed home (rain) but I was invited to hunt a farm where they had been seeing strutting birds all spring.

With the wet conditions I didn`t even take my vest...just put on rain gear.....the chucks killer and ghost cut....2 shells and my son carried 1 gun that wouldn`t be hurt in the rain....(plastic stock 1187) he has been carrying an old winchester 1897 12 ga but didn`t want to take it out in the rain.... short story... he killed one about a half hour after flydown....Came on a beeline to the 1UP Chuck's Killer V4 call...I would have walked out right then except the guy who invited me called me and said he had birds in the field in front of him...(the way out was right past him) so not wanting to spook them we sat down and waited.


I called every once in a while on the killer....about an hour later another bird came from a different direction...he seemed more interested in going to the field...switch call...started cutting on the 1UP's Kee Kee cut that turned him towards me. He gobbled a couple times and came on in. We were pretty cold and wet...but happy! 2 hours....2 calls....2 shells....2 turkey, hope all is well with you....Thanks again!! Terry (YANKEE) Day

Chuck, another fantastic hunt with "1Up Game Calls".
Got into spot early, birds gobbled on roost & when they hit the ground. However everything went quiet by 06:00. Seven AM came & went, not a sight nor sound. I think I fell asleep for a while. Eight AM struck on my watch, same results. Not five minutes later I heard a hen yelping out in the cow pasture & looked around the tree I was sitting against to get a better look. I saw her 150 yards out & also saw a bright red head & strutting gobbler. He never made a sound. I never knew from which way they had come out. So I made a few calls on the diaphragm "1UP Game Calls Hot Hen 2" just to get their attention & hope they saw my decoys (hen & jake). Less than 10 minutes later it was all over. They snuck right in behind me & when he came into view, I had to wait till he went behind a bush to raise the gun. I took him at 10 paces.

Don't know how you get those "live hens into every call", but it must keep the R & D team busy.
Happy Hunting!
Peter M. Cherico III

Elite Pro Staff Member Jim Monteleone said "I had the pleasure of hunting with my friend and neighbor in the Southern Tier of New York State. This bird gobbled hard unitl the end.
What a thrill to hear that rattle in the gobble that comes with a close up encounter. Ron said he heard the spitting and drumming before he sent this three year old to turkey heaven. Chucks Killer V4 was more than he could take.
Congratualtions to Ron and thanks to Chuck Tiranno's 1Up Game Calls for putting one more on the wall".


Congrats Ron !

Elite Pro Staff Member Dr. Nick Cromwell with his Son Oliver downs this gobbler in Friendship, NY this morning at 7:15. Nick said "He was far off behind us when I first heard him. He closed the distance quick. I was using a combo of 1UP mouth call Nick's inverted "V3" and 1UP's Ol Timer Box Call." 8" beard with 3/4" spurs.


"Chuck its been a weird Missouri season we are in the third week and birds are still strutting all day. I didn't have any luck this morning and left where I was at and went to my other property where I caught this boy strutting along the fence line the chucks killer v4 brought him all the way to me a wopping 25.3 lbs 8-1/4" beard with (beard rot) and 1-1/8" spurs".

Congrats Erich!

Elite Pro Staff Member Jim Monteleone downs this Gobbler in Missouri.

He said " I was field Testing a NEW call for 1UP Game Calls. Pure Wicked friction call. Also used 1UP's "Chucks Killer "V4" diaphragm. Brought in this Missouri long beard. 21.87 pounds with inch and five sixteenths spurs and a shade over a thirteen inch beard.

Congrats Jim !


 Elite Pro Staff member Eric "Turkey Beard" Otterness downs his second Gobbler in Missouri. He said,

"There was no gobbling activity at all today, so I amused myself with confidence calling using my 1UP Game Calls Turkey Beard R.I.P., Chuck’s Killer V-4, the new Wicked Cousin that I'm field testing, and the Warrior box call, all again from 1UP Game Calls. I sat there until about 8:15 or 8:20 when I couldn’t stand the pain in my rear any longer. I stood up and just as I decided to leave and slung my shotgun over my shoulder, I glanced to my right and saw a turkey walking down the road! I got myself settled and since it was coming from the right I got set up for a left-handed shot (I guess this is a theme this year). I couldn’t see it at all due to all of the vegetation. I was finally able to catch glimpses of it and I was eventually able to see a spot of bright red! Gobbler! Game on! “Please have a beard. Please don’t be a jake!” About 20 yards from the decoys it stepped into the clear and got spooky and as it turned back to the north I saw a long beard sticking out. Settled the pins and shot him in the back of the head and he went straight down. 22 yards, 8:28 a.m., 10.5” beard, 7/8” and 15/16” spurs, but only 15 lbs. I cannot figure out why this healthy 2-year old bird was so light but he’ll taste plenty good. Since I’ve taken 2 birds that I haven’t earned, I’m really worried about what next season holds in store as I have to pay the piper for this year".

1UP Game Calls Elite Member Eric Otterness who we call Turkey Beard Downed this nice gobbler today. He's what Turkey Beard said..


"April 19, 2016: I got to where I wanted to listen about 10 minutes before 6. The morning started with one gobbling right behind me so I decided to set up right there. There ended up being 2 of them behind me and one across the field. I threw some really soft stuff at them with the new Wicked Cousin by 1UP Game Calls that I'm field testing and they went nuts. I gave them a bit more and then shut up when I heard the gobblers behind me fly down and then I could tell that they were coming closer. They got to the point that the gobbles had that strange muffled sound “underlying” the gobble itself, like it’s bouncing off the ground. They started veering to the west , which would be to the right of me since I was facing south, and I thought, “This is my chance to swing around so I can shoot right-handed. I hit them with both Chuck's Killer V-4 and the Turkey Beard RIP mouth yelpers and then tried to wiggle around for a right-hand shot. I decided it wasn't a good idea when I saw that the calls had turned them and they were walking along the tree line, no more than 40 yards away. At that point it became prudent to prepare for a left-handed shot. They cleared the cedars and I had to make a decision… which one to shoot. One was strutting but the other looked like it had a bigger beard. I finally chose the one with the bigger beard and laid him down at 17 yards. Calls: Wicked Cousin, Turkey Beard RIP, Chuck's Killer V-4. 18.5 lbs, 1" spurs, 10" beard, 17 yds."


Congrats Turkey Beard!.


Pro Staffer Erich Higgins is tearing them up again this year. He said..


"Chuck, I tell you what after some spectacular things happening this season with birds doing the unheard of, I tell you what today 4/22/16 I had to work hard for this bird. I got called to a structure fire this morning as I was heading to the woods it turned out to be not a bad fire which was good and I ended up getting to the woods seconds before the birds fired up I was just able to get my decoys set up and sat next to the tree when the first gobble lit off in the distance. I called and I had 9 gobblers right above me in the river bottom it sounded like thunder every time they gobbled. Well instead of pitching down into the field with my sweet lovely hens the two hens in the tree pitched down into the river bottom and led the birds away from me I never heard a hen so mad in my life in the tree but she didn't want to come in for a battle. Those two took all the gobblers away and across the field from me. Well I packed up and went after some other gobblers on the other side of the river by the time I got around the river and into where they were there was a gobbler in the middle of the field where I had left gobbling so I cut from where I was swam across the river and set up on the edge of the field I worked this bird for an hour before he would come to me and drug the hen he was dancing with, I'm telling you he could not resist the Chucks killer V4....Stats: 22 lbs 10" beard 7/8" spurs".


Pro Staffer Erich Higgins said

"Well Chuck drove out to Kansas this morning. What a beautiful cool crisp morning it was no wind and watched the beautiful sunrise come up and got after some Kansas Rios. I got right in under 4 gobblers still asleep they was gobbling at everything but I had a hen in between me and them and well they must have spotted her first. So I moved sets to another spot around 8am around 830 I finally had some gobblers fire off way off in the distance and they were gobbling at everything. So I packed up and cut the distance well cutting the distance ended up with me on a river bank and the birds on the other side of the river. Well I gave them two birds all I had with the NEW Wicked Cousin that were field testing and will be introduced next year. Calling to them at the river bank and I mean to tell yea they were going nuts looking at my decoys. Started in on them with the 1UP NEW push / pull box, purring at them and they lost their minds with that and while cutting and yelping with the Chuck's Killer V 4 mouth call. They was sitting in front of me across the river about 80 yards. We after they had enough waiting around they moved on down the river in what I thought was to carry on with their day they actually found a spot to run and fly across the river to me. I couldn't believe it after they crossed the river they werer at a full dead run right to me. I gave one last purr and put some wattles in the dirt. I tell you what before I came to realize I was putting on a show myself after that doing the long beard shuffle dance in the woods for who knows who or what was watching I finally went to check out the birds. Bird #1, 20.4lbs 10-1/4" beard 1-1/8" spurs

Bird #2 23 lbs 3/4" spurs 10-3/4" beard. What a time I'm having this season so far and our calls are deadly.
Congrats Erich on two Kansas Gobblers !


1UP Game Calls Pro Staffer Erich Higgins from Missouri said "Took my Step son Brett out for his first youth season turkey hunt.
Yesterday(Saturday) was a bust the turkeys did nothing but strut around in circles and stay with the hens, Well today was a different story. First round of birds ended up being on the other side of the river so we packed up and headed to another property.
We had two Jakes come up on us and we got busted by them. Well after about 30 more min about 400 yards and across the creek two hens and a gobbler were down in the creek bottom. I cut and yelled on the 1UP Game Calls Wicked Cousin I was field testing and the Chuck's Killer V4 mouth call and got his attention and it was on. He left his two hens crossed the creek and strutted all the way across the field right to us. 24.8 lbs, 11" beard and 3/4" spurs".

Congrats Brett..WTG !



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