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Pro Staff Brian Sniatecki Downs A Double Beard


First beard 11 1/2

Second beard 6 1/2

1 3/8 spurs

Calls used sweet cherry box and chucks killer v4 mouth call

April 9, Brad Box and I headed to the steep ridges of Decatur County, Tennessee along the edge of the Tennessee River. It was cold and windy early, and we could only hear one turkey gobbling on the roost. We crossed two ridges to get into position, and when we got within 150 yards, we could hear the chorus of hens with him. Just below the ridge, we found a quite valley with the remains of an old homeplace by a rock-bed creek, and we went to work. Afraid to be too aggressive with so many hens around, I called softly on the slate side of the 1UP Game Calls FIRST STRIKE.. Lots of soft clucking and purring. After 30 minutes, a hen appeared and wanted to whole world to know she was there. The gobbler started gobbling every few seconds at the hen, and soon, we could hear him approaching. It was quite a show watching this gobbler strut behind his 12 hens as they descended the ridge into the valley with us. By 7:30, Brad had his first gobbler of the season and his first double beard ever. And the sun came out just in time for pictures.
Pro Staff Adam Nelson said "April 17, I headed to a small farm in Madison County Tennessee. A turkey was roosted near the edge of a 10 acre field, and I used a creek bed to approach. I got into position just before flydown and watched 8 hens and this gobbler fly down on the opposite side of the field. They were content on their side of the field, but I started calling softly with1UP Game Calls First Strike both the slate & glass side of the First Strike and 1UP KeeKee cut mouth call. The hens were immediately curious and started feeding across the field. He hardly came out of strut, but step by step, he closed the distance. His beard is not impressive (beard rot), but I will never turn down a 20 pound 2 year old gobbler.

Chuck, Your Yellow Dawg did well. I called in a nice 2 1/2 year old gobbler. 10" beard, 1 inch spurs and 19 1/2 lbs.



Elite Pro Staff Member Johnny Nanney said "We've been watching this bird for a week and finally got Mr Dunn to let us go after him.

We got set up this morning and I gave him some tree yelps on my new 1UP Game Calls Wicked Sister slate over glass call.


He gobbled. He pitched down to our back left. After some soft clucking and purring he popped out in the field gobbled and came right to the Jake decoy.

Josh Nelson put a hurting on him from 7 yards away.

1UP Game Calls Pro Staffer Adam Nelson said "The Juvenile hunt in TN started on April 26, and Jack Parr and I started in a cypress swamp in north west TN.
Jack's dad took me on my first turkey hunt, so it's always fun to hunt with him and his family. Birds were gobbling good this morning, but in the early spring there is nothing to hide you in a in a cypress flat, so we couldn't get as close as we wanted.
This was my first opportunity to use the new 1UP Game Calls First Strike in the field, and It didn't disappoint. By 8:00, we had a beautiful longbeard strutting through the cypress knees making his slow approach to us. We could see him from 150 yards all the way to 60. Just when I though his fate was sealed, a gang of 5 jakes joined the party. The jakes jogged to the gobbler, and a small fight ensued.
By the end of it, the jakes had scattered, but regrouped between us and the gobbler. Outnumbered, the gobbler turned and strutted into the sunrise. The jakes left initially, but one of them went into full strut, turned, and came all the way back to us. It was a great hunt, and Jack exacted some vengeance against one of the jakes that cost him a longbeard."

On Friday the 21, 2017 I finished my SLAM I got to where I wanted to setup about 3:15pm. Started to call about 3:30pm and heard a gobble but far off. I hit my 1UP Sweet Cherry box call and two gobblers answered but again far off. Waited for a bit and using my mouth call (Chuck's Killer V4) got a gobble and looking to my right, I see two gobbler coming down a huge hill and they went into a creek with high banks and disappeared on me. I hit the Sweet Cherry box call again and two gobbles are getting closer. I had a huge field behind me and this high bank creek to my right.

Now I'm thinking which way will they come. I started purring on my Chuck's Killer and right behind me a monster GOBBLE. There they are two of them.
The one I shot was in strut and I held up. I said "HAY" out loud and he came out of strut and BOOM...got my first SLAM!

It was a rough time in Kansas this year (2017). It was raining and cold it was a mess but was still able to get it done.

Second day set up in the rain and cold and had all kinds of bird just across the spillway for the river and they would never cross. I finally spotted a bird about 600 yards off in a plowed field yelped a few times using 1UP Game Calls Chuck's Killer V4.

He turned around in the field and circled completely around and came into the field I was in and flew over the spill way to me and strutted right into my decoys. I purred him in with my 1UP Game Call Push/Pull all the way across the field gobbling every time in hit my purr box.


24lbs 1" spurs 9" beard


1UP Game Calls wants to Congrats our Elite Pro Staff Member Erich Higgins on a outstanding season so far!

First bird my step son Brett Horn opening day of the youth season chuck we had spotted some birds from the road went in and circled around them what we thought but they had already passed us. Iit was 5 pm and we set up and started purring with the 1up push and pull box and about 15 min and those two gobbler came in right behind a cedar bush and Brett let the steam out of one.

It's his second bird second hunt two years in a row now. 21 lbs 9-1/2 beard and 1-1/16 spurs.

Congrats Brett and to his Dad Elite Pro Staff Member Erich Higgins.

Father like son!

Second bird was Cayera Higgins "muffin" it was her first ever turkey hunt at 6 years old I just bought her a brand new little mini 20 GA because she is a tiny one.
We went out Sunday morning and had another hunter get in between us and the birds they ended up missing two birds down below us and that kind of running the hunt for the day we went back out Sunday morning to the same spot and had a 8 gobblers down below us we got one to start heading towards us and another Hunter appeared about two hundred yards away and was trying to Fan our bird back and forth I kept purring him with the push and pull box I was able to get him to come to us instead of the other Hunter.
He finally made his way to us and Cayera got set up ready and said There is real loud and that bird looked back and ran right at us. I took the safety off the gun and told her to wait till he got closer and she had him lined up with the red dot on his head and she says I see him and boom she shot scared me half to death I said muffin I said wait till I said to shoot she said daddy you said wait till I was on his head and shoot him in the face.

Well she got him a little further then I would have liked but she got the job done I told her next time since she had everything under control I would stay home lol she took off running and dancing and clapping was a proud moment for old dad here.

Her bird was 19lbs 8-1/2 beard and 1-1/16 spurs.

1UP Game Calls Elite Pro Staffer Johnny Nanney said...

"After roosting the birds the night before, Alex McAlexander and I got in early and set up about 100 yds from them. We were at the edge of a field with a Jake and two hen decoys out. I had called some on my slate just after fly down but the birds didn't seem interested. That's when I broke out Chucks Killer V4. The birds totally changed their attitude and started coming right to the decoys. The hens started pitching down into the field with us.

The 4 birds strutted in to about 35 yds and we dropped the hammer on these two".


Congrats to Alex and Johnny!

Eugene Cherry struck this gobbler at 2:30pm hunting on an ag field. Came in from 300 yards.

Elite Pro Staff Member Johnny Nanney called this gobbler in for Eugene using 1UP Game Calls Chuck's Killer V4 20 yards within blind. This was Johnny's 3rd bird called in today using 1UP Chuck Killer V4. 11 1/2" beard, 23.5lbs and spurs were 1 1/4" and one was 1 1/16".

Congrats to Eugene and Elite Pro Staff Member Johnny Nanney!

1UP Game Calls would like to Congratulate our NEWEST Elite Pro Staff Member Erich Higgins on completing his Double Slam!


Chuck arrived in Florida to try to finish up my grand slam on Saturday.

Saturday night Perry my guide took me out to scout some fields and look at birds.

Sunday morning we went to a spot he had been seeing birds off a watermelon field.

They had propane cannons there to scare off deer they were going off all morning when we drove by one coming in it went off right by the truck we almost had to go back to the house so I could change. We got set up in the blind. No gobbling what so ever. We made some calls out no gobbling. About an hour into the hunt the cannon went off and two birds gobbled. Perry started purring on Chuck's Killer V4 and they came right in and down went bird number one.

Went out Monday with no luck, worked some birds but could never get them to break away from the hens.

Tuesday went out to a spot he had, We set up and had one gobble well after sun light we want after him and ended up getting busted so the guide said we need to go back to the spot we started those birds will come in when it gets hot. So we went and set up again and about an hour sitting there still no gobbles it was time to have to leave then I said I'm gonna have to call it a trip and head back to Missouri I stood up and a hen started yelping about 60 yards into the woods and then two gobblers fired off. Sat back down real quick and my guide Perry called the second bird in using 1UP Push/Pull call, In about twenty min. Man what an exciting hunt it was and ended up with a double grand slam!

Bird number one 16lbs 8-1/2" beard 1-3/16 spurs. Gobbler #2 with 1UP Push/Pull Box Call was 18lbs 9-1/2" beard 1-1/4 spurs

Several birds on the roost gobblin before daybreak. Set up in between both groups. I had the double slate call to made some soft clucks and purrs before fly down. After battling 2 groups of henned up gobblers and loud mouth hens, with some patients and soft calling with the sweet cherry box call, the heart pounding noise of spitn and drumming were in my ear. He spit and drummed for 15 mins around me and at one time was within 5 steps behind me. Finally he committed to the decoys as he waited for another long beard to come down the ridge to join him.


The Chuck killer, mouth call worked him up before I let the hammer down, 21lbs, 10"beard and 1"spurs

Got a phone call from Johnny Nanney, 1UP Game Calls Elite Pro Staff Member this morning telling me his two kids Jack & Haalie doubled on two good Gobblers here on youth day here in Western TN. This is Hallie's FIRST ever turkey hunt and she drops a good one with a 410 no less!

Johnny said "Chuck, the kids doubled on two great toms on Saturday! We rooster them and after a few series of calls, the whole flock including 4 tons came in. Haalie rolled one with her 410 and then jack killed his as they were running off. Haalie's bird was 26lbs 10"&3" double beard and 1 1/8 spurs, Jack's was 22 lbs and 10 1/2 beard and 1 1/8 spur. Great way to start the season.
Congrads Jack and Congrads Haalie!

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