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Hunter Cummings age 12 years old and harvested his first turkey. His Grandfather called this bird in for Hunter and Hunter put'em down.

Cliff Rogan on the left and his buddy "Soup" called in these two bad boys using the combination of "Wicked Lady" and the "3 Gumodies" mouth call.

Congratulations Cliff and "Soup"...

Striker my son-in -law gave him the jellyhead at 31 yds. 10 5/8” beard, 23.5 lbs, 1 1/8” spurs, 7:45 a.m. It was wet, but not too wet for the Green Spur striker on my glass call or the Three Gumodies mouth call.!


Story by Dick Lyle

Kathy and I got out for our first go at it this morning. Right off the bat we had action with Kathy. Three hens and two Jakes pitched out into the field to mill about. While watching the Jakes and Hens I caught movement off to the hard right. In walks a strutting round fan to impress the ladies. Time for a call or two and so a few strokes on the Slate Call that Chuck sent Kathy. I believe it is the Wicked Twin. Now ready the Long beard periscopes up for a look about and it is over. Down for the count and the Dance of Death. On his back with feet in the air trying to step out but going nowhere.

We make a move to another part of the property that has proven to be a great place to walk and call. Chuck's Killer is doing the talking and it does not disappoint in the light rain. There is a very faint gobble but experience tells us that it is not that far away. Now there are two birds gobbling and they are getting closer. First up is a hen. She walks right to us at less then ten yards followed by two Long Beards. Kathy is running the camera as I drop the hammer on the bigger gobbler at 15 steps. Jellyhead!

By Eric Otterness

On April 23, 2011 My brother Tracy, and I took my nefew On April 23, 2011 Eric, Tracy, and his son who we call Young-Gun.

We hunted in a HARD rain, we were SOAKED.
Used the Red Dawg and Green Spur striker because everything else was wet. Tracy suddenly whispered, “Gobbler! To the North!”
The bird came in far enough to the decoys. He shouldered his shotgun I told him, “He’s in range right now, I said, “Kill him,” Celebrations, thanks to the Lord, and hugs all around. 21 lbs, 1” spurs, and 9.5” beard.
Distance was 17 yds.

By Tracy Otterness hunting in Missouri

Rainstorm after rainstorm, soaking wet and cold. We made our way north and walked a mile or so out to a remote area between two hills.
I decided to make a quick call using the 1UP narrow pallet Jake call. THUNDEROUS gobble right on cue. Start to move towards the gobble and come to a hillside and I looked down and saw the top of a fan sticking up!!
All I could see was a big red blob behind some brush at around 80 or 85 yards. As the head went down and the fan came back up, I was able to adjust myself to a good shooting position and I dropped the hammer and the celebrating began. 20lbs, 1.25" spurs and 10" beard.

By Eric Otterness Elite Member of 1UP Game Calls

After rain for 3 days, we got a break. Took Bode Abraham's to the spot where we should have taken a gobbler the 2nd day of youth season.
At about 6:40 I saw a gobbler’s head rising above the crest of the hill in front of us. I got his gun up and onto the shooting sticks and then got my gun up as I saw a 2nd bird, then I saw that they were a pair of jakes.
At this point I shifted onto his bird as well.

When they were almost to the decoys at 15 yards, I whispered, “Shoot.” He didn’t. I kept whispering and he kept waiting and I was afraid that we were going to get busted and FINALLY he tripped the trigger!
I’d guess this bird at about 15 lbs with a 4” beard and nubbin spurs.

Call used was the 1Up Three Gumodies . The youth will be called SUPER JAKE from now on!

Jim Bertram Elite team member of 1UP Game Calls took my son Justin who is 12 years old on his first turkey hunt this past Sunday.

It was Youth Day here in New York. The hunt was successful and Justin was one very excited 12 year old.
Justin shot a 21 pound gobbler in the town of Kinderhook,NY.
The turkey had a 9.5 inch beard and 1 inch spurs.

Jim Bertram was an excellent mentor to my son and his skill at calling is impressive.

Thank You Jim.

Jim was using a "Wicked Lady" Glass over Glass with a Chuck's Killer "V"4 mouth call for this hunt.

This is 12 year old first time turkey hunter Jake Stahl who lives in the town of Shelby, NY right across the street from Chuck Tiranno from 1UP Game Calls.

Jake's Dad Jimmy bought his son a "Wicked Sister" and Chuck taught him how to use it. On Sunday April 24, 2011 youth day in NY, Jake and his Dad went out and setup and Jake played that call like a champ.
Jake worked this bird by himself across a green field to within 35 yards and dropped him.

Congratulations Jake on your first bird and you did a great job. Weighed 17.5lbs, 6" beard and no spurs.

I had some gobbling and manage to call in a lone gobbler at 8:30am, last call he heard was 1UP Game Calls "The Jake" ( narrow pallet).

21 pounds, 9 1/4 inch beard and spurs 1 inch and 1 and 1/16.

Gaylord Hollingsworth

To make a long story short, I had a flock of turkeys land on the other side of a large field.

It took the volume of a box call to get them coming towards me, but when they came in view, the box call was laid down and a 1-Up Hot Hen 2 was used with a lot of clucks and purrs to bring in this 22 lb. Missouri Tom with a 9 1/2" beard and 1 1/4" spurs.

Mike Grayson

I chose to arrive the first Monday of the season and I put my trust in the Chucks' Killer 4V and the Wicked Woman with a Green Spur striker.
They were good choices for me and I fooled a big Virginia gobbler from the roost all the way to less than twenty yards. He covered at least 200 yards and three ridges after he heard some tree talk on the slate.
He strutted four times and the single series of fast yelps on the "Killer 4" was more than he could stand. He disappeared under the ridge I was seated on but the magic of soft purrs from the slate closed the deal.
He was sporting better than one inch spurs and a ten and quarter inch beard.

My morning was over before 6:50am. Thanks for making my hunt memorable.

See photo for proof of the true sounds of the spring woods and what 1 up can do. Easy to use and deadly on old strutters.

Jim Monteleone

Began the day at a listening post and got into an “owling” match with 2 owls.
One finally did a “chuckle” and I heard a gobbler quite a ways off to the SE.

(NOTE: In addition to owling yourself to get a shock gobble, try to wind the owls themselves up to break a gobble loose).

Set up at a likely spot and ran my busy schedule through my mind, from business to guiding to family visits. Decided that perhaps a filled tag would be in my best interest, regardless of it being a jake or a longbeard.
All of a sudden I heard the awfullest yelping off to my right. Answered again with the Red Dawg, heard it again, and looked over to see a hen at 40 yards. Weird smudge on her breast, I thought, “Maybe it’s a jake,” then thought, “Maybe if it’s a hen she’ll bring in a gobbler!” She turned and I saw a beard sticking out of her breast.
The thought went through my head, “Naw, let her walk,” and then the other thoughts went through my head: There’s been very little gobbling going on, my schedule is kind of busy, doing a lot of guiding, dang hens are always stealing gobblers and this is a legal bird, and, besides that, I’ve always wanted a bearded hen. These thoughts won out; I tripped the trigger.

She’s a nice bird, 7.5” beard and 12 lbs, 6:40 a.m. at 19 yards.

By Elite Pro Staff Member Eric Otterness:

Out with son-in-law who we call "Striker" due to his military connections.
First thing we heard was a gobbler WAY off but never worked it. While walking around property a gobbler sounded off CLOSE!

It was around 10:30am and Striker and I setup and started working him using 1UP Game Calls "Red Dawg" ceramic and "The 3 Gumodies" mouth call.
Got this gobbler into 30 yards and I whispered to Striker "Take Him" ....Striker's first gobbler. 9.75" beard, 7/8"spurs 17lbs.

Congratulations Striker!

This is Parker Cromwell 12 years old. We call him "JR". This is his first time hunting and his first ever turkey that he harvested on Youth Day here in NY.

He shot this bird on his Dad's property down in Friendship, NY. His Dad Nick worked with JR while I called this bird in for him.I don't know who was more excited... his Dad, JR or me?

1UP Game Calls Elite Pro Staff member Erich Higgins downs a real wall hanger on 10/24/2017. Erich said "Good morning Chuck! Had a great hunt last night. After a few hours in the stand I decided it was time to start using my 1UP game calls grunt tube. I let out a few short grunts and then a buck growl. About 6 min later this guy walked in took the shot at 35 yards and he ran about 25 yards and dropped.

On 10/25 - Well chuck today I decided it was time to get in the stand can't fill the freezer sitting on the couch. As I was heading to my stand with the thought on my mind of young doe meat on the grill I was slowing walking through the edge of the field when all of a sudden what was a deer hunt turned right into a full on Turkey hunt!!! I spotted six long beards in the field.. And they was headed right to me. I set up and before long out of the bushes flew an arrow and I had me a nice long beard flopping at 25 yards.


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