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Custom  Made Turkey Displays for your Turkey beards, spurs, and fans.

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Welcome to 1up Game Calls

Middleport, NY -- There is no greater teacher than nature and no better student than 1UP Game Calls Chuck Tiranno. He has passed his knowledge and passion on to his two sons Chuck and Tony. These custom made calls whether turkey or deer their tuned to replicate the realistic natural sounds that these animals and birds make. Who better to do this than Chuck Tiranno who has successfully hunted extensively in the eastern half of the United States turkey, deer, ducks, geese and coyotes and has done so while in the presence of some of the greatest legends of hunting.

Teaming with his two sons Chuck and Tony they have developed a line of game calls and hunting accessories that through Chuck’s trained ear and experience are the difference in a 1UP Game Call or “just another call”. When you pickup a 1UP Custom Made Game Call, you’re not only picking up a high quality custom made call, but also a piece of nature.

Chuck is an excellent teacher and can explain things to simplify your ability to become a successful hunter. Tilt the odds in your favor whether it’s turkey or deer hunting. Call them up and put’em on the wall with 1UP Game Calls.


NEW Box and Friction Calls for 2014

“The most important facets in our call development were workmanship, a true-to-life, pure, natural sounds that our call lines will and have been made to produce", said Tony Tiranno.

Our custom made Mahogany box call with a Purpleheart lid is just what it’s name says it is “The Warrior”. This call combo is a producer in the field. Time and time again gobblers respond to this winning combination of hand selected hardwood that will produce the most realistic natural yelps, clucks and purrs.


New for 2014 is our custom made box call made with a Mahogany box matched with a Cherry lid that we named “Sweet Cherry”. This call will produce a higher pitch just like a younger hen does looking for a gobbler. It’s natural pure hen turkey clucks, yelps, cuts and purrs that will bring that hung up gobbler in to gun range. This call was field tested extensively by our pro staff member Jeff Rishel and Chuck Tiranno. This is a real complement in our custom made box call line. Our custom made Cedar box call with a Black Walnut lid we call the Ol’Timer” produces a high and sharp first half note that breaks off and goes right to a deep, natural, sharp raspy yelp that will get those gobbler’s attention to come in.

In our custom made friction calls we make two different types of sounds. The first natural sound is what we call the “Double-throated Yelp” sound, which has a natural, real, pure, easy roll over. The second sound has more of a “Straight Natural” sound with less of a roll over. “The selection is yours,”. From our Wicked Lady – Glass over Glass, Wicked Sister – Pennsylvania finest Slate over Glass, Pure Wicked – Aluminium over Glass to our Pure Wicked II Aluminum over Slate or our Dawg Series-Ceramic over Glass, all of our friction calls are easy to use and produce real, natural hen sounds and comes with Hickory striker.

Exclusive to 1UP Game Calls is our waterproof striker we call “THE GREEN SPUR” that in any type of moisture cannot and will not stop from working even under water. It’s guaranteed not to quit under any wet conditions.

“Our Custom strikers that are made from exotic and hardwoods will produce different natural turkey hen sounds on your calls. Remember, every striker will sound a bit different from another striker when used on the same friction call, All of our calls comes with a guarantee to deliver natural real sounds. As we say “Calls that put’em on the wall” said Tony Tiranno.

Diaphragm Calls

1UP Game Calls also developed a series of diaphragm calls. All are hand-made and hand-stretched, along with using the highest quality tape. Combining these select custom cut reeds and tape will give you consistent, natural hen-quality sounds using less air pressure. They are without a doubt the best sounding mouth calls money can buy and much easier to use.

New for 2014 is our Kee, Kee Cut mouth call which is a 3 reed ghost cut we’ve been working on now for over 4 years. Easy to use and will produce high frequency with raspy yelps at the end of the kee, kee series. We use this in both the spring and in fall hunting.

We are also offering a made to order heavy duty tape on most of our handmade, hand stretched mouth calls. This tape is the same tape used our Premium Yellow Reed mouth calls. These must be ordered in advance for those who want a mouth call that will go beyond the call of duty, will mold its self to the roof of your mouth, and will produce the most natural, pure sweet hen turkey sounds. These mouth calls must be ordered in advance

We have developed a premium mouth call line for 2014 using yellow reeds and a unique heavy tape. These calls are made to take a beating and never skip a beat. These calls were heavily field-tested all last season and passed the rigorous tests we put them through with outstanding results. These premium yellow reed mouth calls come in the 3 Gumodies triple reed which is pure nasty and the Hot Hen 2, which is a double reed call made to make a higher pitch with a slightly raspy sound. All of our hand-made, hand-stretched mouth calls use only the best tape on the market. You won't leave home without these mouth calls and if you do, you'll turn around go back and get them.


“Try our line of custom made friction calls, box calls, and our hand made mouth calls, you’ll see and hear for yourself the difference that will put you 1UP above the rest,” said Tony Tiranno.

“As we were developing that real hen turkey sounds in all our calls the term “Wicked” kept coming up as we worked on the sounds” said Tony. Made for the serious turkey hunter who demands a natural pure sweet live hen sound in a turkey call -- thus 1UP above the rest,” Tony Tiranno said, adding that the “Dawg Series” which is a ceramic call that produces “pure sweet natural hen sounds”.
“You have to hear these friction calls for yourself. These will get them gobblers cranked up and put’em on the wall” said Tony. Made from hardwood and exotic woods that put out a true, natural hen sounds like no others will,” son Chuck says. He goes on to say “1UP also makes an Aluminum over glass that we calls “Pure Wicked”. This call produces a very high frequency that will get gobblers to respond”.

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