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Here is a picture of me with a gobbler I shot down in Chautauqua, NY.. This gobbler gave me a great hunt. He gobbled over 100 times He was well over 100 yards from me gobbling and strutting back and forth and just wouldn't come any closer. This gobbler was hearing (me) a hen and wanted the hen to go to him.

So I got up and started walking away yelping, and clucking as I walked away. He went crazy and sure enough here he comes. I ran back to my setup and got ready. I catch movement to my left. He's in strut and all I can see are the tips of his tail feathers up and purring on 1UP Game Call Chuck's Killer "V"4 my mouth call he exposed himself and Chuck's Killer "V"4 "Put'em On The Wall".

Eldest son. Professional Retriever Trainer, Paramedic. Has hunted bear, deer which is his passion, ducks & geese and loves to fish. Owner of 1UP game Calls with his brother Tony and his Mom Carolyn.
Tony along with his brother Chuck and Mom own 1UP Game Calls. Tony took this MONSTER 22 point Buck here on our farm on Thanksgiving morning 2010. Tony was field testing three new deer products out when this bad boy came into the series of grunts Tony was making using our adjustable Deer Grunter.This MONSTER Buck has a 22" inside spread and field dressed out at just over 200lbs.

1UP Game Calls is honored to introduce Jim Monteleone to our Elite Pro Staff. Jim has hunted in more than two dozen states and several provinces of Canada for a variety of game species. He is nearing his 3rd Grand Slam in turkey hunting and has judged turkey calling contests for over twenty years.

Jim is a published writer, photographer and lecturer. He belongs to many of the conservation organizations that promote ethical hunting and propagation of all birds and animals.

Some of Jim's success has been a result of the 1Up Game Calls that he carries as well as the scent reduction spray and soaps.Welcome to the team Jim .

Elite Pro Staff Member Johnny Nanney

Growing up in rural West Tennessee, hunting and fishing was a way of life. I started chasing turkeys during my college years when populations were rebounding and it quickly became a full time passion. Since taking over our family business five years ago -- and thanks to a very forgiving wife -- I am now able to spend most of my spring mornings chasing turkeys either in my home state of Tennessee, in Nebraska where I hunt and guide, or in any other state I have a chance to visit. No matter where I find myself hunting I always need quality turkey calls to get the most out of my hunts, and there are none better than 1UP Game Calls.

Eric Otterness from Buffalo, Missouri. Eric who we call "Turkey Beard" is a Elite member of 1UP Game Calls.

Owner/operator of Cantlon Otterness Funeral Home, L.C. (Buffalo & Urbana, MO)

Started turkey hunting: 1988

Outdoor interests:

  • Turkey hunting is number one; completed Grand Slam in 2000.
  • Deer hunting (firearms & bow)
  • Hog hunting (bow)
  • Have hunted elk twice & mule deer once
  • Hunter's Education Instructor (certified about 2001)
  • Youth Season turkey guide
  • Reloading
  • Golf
  • and a huge NY YANKEE fan..

Excellent turkey and deer hunter and a really good instructor in teaching.

Kris Cross, from Springfield, Vermont. Elite member of 1UP Game Calls.



Educate students in the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife Hunter Education Program. Co-teacher of hunter education classes in the local community. 1998 co-founder of the introduction of the “Becoming An Outdoor Family” program in the State of Vermont. Firearm instructor for the B.O.F. program. Shotgun and Pistol instructor for the VT “Becoming An Outdoor Woman” program. Awarded 2001 Teaching Team Of The Year from the VT Fish & Wildlife Hunter Education Program. In October 2006, I was invited to sit on a panel to discuss the “Future Of Hunting In Vermont” and appeared on “VPT’s Outdoor Journal” live call in show.

This is Ken Cross in the State of Vermont who is an Elite Member along with his wife Kris, for 1UP Game Calls.

Congratulations Ken!

The Wicked Lady came through on a Hot two year old bird. He and his brother came across a dirt road and two open fields for the sounds of the "Wicked Lady" only to get a face full of # 5's. 7.5 inch beard with a 5/8 spur and one just shy of 3

This is Dr Nick Cromwell who is a Elite Member for 1UP Game Calls. Nick is a true sportsman in every sense of the word.
He is a accomplished turkey and deer hunter. He is a devoted father to his three boys and enjoys spending time with them hunting. I'm proud to have Nick on our team.

1UP Game Calls is proud to introduce to our Pro Staff Jeff Rishel.

Pictured with a gobbler he took on 5/17/2012 that weighed 19lbs 7/8" spurs and has a 9.5" beard. Jeff was field testing our NEW box call that we will introduce next year along with Chuck's Killer "V"4 mouth call to bring this gobbler. Jeff lives to hunt turkey, deer and waterfowl. He also owns Woods,Water & Wing Taxidermy Studio in Hamburg,NY and very good at his trade.Like to see some of his work, stay tuned. Welcome to the team Jeff!

My name is Adam Nelson, and I'm 24 years old from Milan, TN (pronounced "mylan" here in TN).
I grew up duck and deer hunting with my dad in North West Tennessee. I was introduced to turkey hunting when I was 14 years old, and I've been addicted ever since.
I currently live in Memphis, TN where I attend law school, but every chance I get, I escape to the woods to chase turkeys, ducks, and deer. I'm proud to be a part of the 1UP game calls team.

1UP Game Calls would like to intro our newest Elite Pro Staff Member Erich Higgins. He's from Buffalo Missouri and grew up south west Missouri in a little town called Billings. After high school he enlisted in the United States Air Force. Serving six years in the Military stationed at Tyndall AFB FL, serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. He then left the Military to take a firefighting job in Iraq as a civilian in Baghdad for sixteen months. After Iraq he returned home to Missouri and took the job as fire chief for the City of Buffalo.
He began hunting at an early age with my PaPa. "We use to hunt squirrels every chance we got" he said. Erich went on to say "Although I love to hunt and fish, Turkey hunting is my passion. My PaPa and Step Dad taught me how to shoot and to hunt deer. But I am a self taught turkey hunter I harvested my first turkey when I was 16 years old. I was able to take myself to the woods and that year turkey season was approaching and I felt that I should try and hunt turkey, and well I accomplished what I had been told and believed to be a hard task. I have hunted turkey in three different states Missouri, South Dakota, and Kansas. I am one bird away from my grand slam and although I lived in Florida for 6 years I never had the chance to hunt the Osceola. I plan to head back to Florida in spring of 2014. Turkey hunting is me. Put them Wattles in the Dirt"!

Welcome again Erich and Thank You for your service defending our Country.

Hello… I would like to introduce myself, my name is Brian Sniatecki, I'm originally from Medina, NY, I currently reside in Monroe NC, with my wife and three daughters.
I own Tru Illusion Wildlife Studio in Monroe, NC. I use to lived in Medina, New York, went to school with Tony Tiranno and his Dad Chuck taught me many calling techniques back when I was in my teen years.

My father got me hooked on hunting at a young age and to this day my passion is to hunt. I’m an avid hunter of many game animals and feel that turkey hunting is one of the more difficult games to hunt. Keen eyesight, sensitive hearing, and unpredictable minds makes hunting turkey a real challenge.

I heard and read about 1UP Game Calls and the moment I tried a few of these calls by 1UP Game Call I knew right then and there these calls are deadly. These custom made calls produced a phenomenal natural sound. I am honored to be a part of the 1UP Game Calls Team.

George is a full service guide based out of Hobe Sound, Fl and provides his guests with fishing and hunting experiences ranging from Wild Turkeys (Osceola and Rio Grande, and Eastern), Missouri Whitetails, Wild Hogs, Ducks, Trophy Alligators, and Offshore Fishing in South Florida as well. He has been a full time guide for 40 years and takes his hunting and fishing guests satisfaction very seriously. In addition to taking all sub-species of Wild Turkey multiple times himself, George has guided many hunters along in their quest for their own Grand Slam including one hunter last season who scored an all Archery World Slam in a single season. George is also the host of Florida Sportsman Live Radio on ESPN Radio, Florida's longest running Outdoor radio show for 19 years in Palm Beach, Fl.
"I take hunting, and my game calling very seriously as well and Chuck's calls are as good as they get, I won't hunt without them"


-George LaBonte
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